who made eco styler gel

And I've had natural hair for 6 years. March 2015 I have short hair so I only use a small amount on my fingers and spread it through all of my hair. It appears to be between 3 & 4c in some areas Why!? It's the only thing that could slick my ponytail back with some beeswax and the only thing that made my curls pop when I decided to do a twist out. When I first BC I could get up in the morning and do a quick cowash (olive oil and conditioner mixed) then apply a leave in conditioner, moisturizer, and a little gel and I would have the prettiest curls. I gave the green one away to my cousin b/c I just wanted it far away from me ages ago. Ah well, someone w/ this issue has to speak up about this so they can know they aren't the only one. Below I will discuss the several caveats to using gel as a styling product and then discuss some long-term effects of overuse. Eco Style Olive Oil styling gel is made with 100% pure olive oil. June 2014 This was the only gel I used that could actually lay my natural 4c hair down. Nature is 100% natural, tangle-free, matte-free, and shed-free. I’ve you bookmarked your internet site to look at out the new stuff you post, Eco olive oil dries out my hair!!! We are headquartered in New York and own our very own factory located in south India. February 2013 I figured that since my moisture levels have been a lot better and since I'm using olive oil and avocado butter in my regimen, it should make the gel agree better with my hair. I try to see if the consistency is smooth/cream like or if little white balls/beads form lol. What should I do? Echelon hair provides the best wavy hair extensions in the USA. First, you must, I repeat MUST detangle. I request you please upload an video of your hairstyle in the next article. That usually softens it up for me!!! I live in Germany and here they don't sell products as the shea line or kinky curly or keracare etc ... I know what you mean lol. Hair Updates Updo Styles, This has got to be the most popular gel for ladies with natural hair lol. Produces an optimal results when used before blow drying. If it is b/c the ph is too high, I've lowered it w/ the acidic vinegar. Shrinkage Wash &go Transitioner Review: Eco Styler Argan Oil Gel, 2020 ULTIMATE Black Owned Black Friday // Small Business Saturday // Cyber Monday Sale Guide, 9 Black Owned Body & Skincare Alternatives to Lush. If my hair loss is due to excessive protein, the vinegar should help neutralize some of it and eat it away. I learned if the ph is too acidic, it can eat the keratin and protein in the hair, and basically disintegrate the hair as well, so you want in that 4 to 5.5 range. It defines better, gives more moisture and leaves my hair soft. Hair Talk And Ideas But all in all I LOST HAIR. To my fellow 4C ladies. It's up to you :) Sometimes gel can be a bit harsh on the hair so I wouldn't constantly re apply it without rinsing or washing it out first. April 2014 October 2013 July 2015 September 2016 Based on what I learned, too much high ph can actually DISINTEGRATE the hair, which is exactly what was happening to me. I wouldn't even recommend it to someone I hate. Others I gave away and one I tried to make a concoction hoping I could get some use. I hope this helps! Beware, pen spring tight 4b/ 4c curly girls (like me), be vigilant and as soon as you notice your hair thinning, drop the product, it only gets worse. I think my hair just craves moisture to the max! Thanks for your awesome posts, my hair is pretty similar to yours so it's really encouraging :), Hey Nora! If there are balls/beads, this is likely to happen in your hair resulting in flakes :). Traditionally, however, gels contain alcohols and other dying ingredients that can lead to breakage and split ends. Hopefully my fro won't get mad with me! I'm considering giving gorilla snot a try. Uggh. December 2013 Each texture can be regularly blow-dried, thermal styled, colored, and permed without compromising its remarkable quality. First, Emerge leave-in conditioner on soaking wet hair, second, Blue Magic, third, Eco Styler Gel. Lol I recently shaved my head bald to start healthy regrowth. As for the "crunchy" feeling, I rub a little bit of oil(coconut, jojoba, almond, or vitamin E) through my hair once it dries and the crunch immediately go away. It's more expensive than the normal styler but I find that the gels that don't use protein are more expensive for some reason :/ Thanks for sharing ! I'm with you on this one. Try a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a creamy leave-in conditioner, a coating of warm coconut+olive oil. I'm going to play around with the other gels I have and also conditoners to see if I can avoid hard hair. Sure! Eco styler gel with olive oil comments: I have a mixed texture of hair. Very much effective in creating sleek and smooth hair style that last long with strong hold. I was thinking this new one would be better because I've had good results using products with PVP high on the list and glycerin lower down (or not there at all), but I don't want to waste my time if you think it's the same or the other one is better. Update: 6/1/13 Hold and definition was good. I find that wash n go's dont define my kinks(4c) . Really very helpful blog,thanks for sharing. If you are using different moisturizer and leave ins than what you used when you first BC, the gel may not be mixing well with them.

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