where can i buy grass fed beef near me

Touchstone Angus has been producing all natural grass fed angus beef for over 12 years in Colorado and Wyoming. Check website for next delivery date. We pride ourselves in providing only the best meat from the Colorado border. Quality grass-fed beef is available year-round, We can deliver locally. E-mail: brokenspokeyaks@gmail.com. They are rotated across certified organic pastures. of wildlife, our calves are born in the warmth of Spring and are not Thanks to Texas Longhorn beef, today's health-conscious consumer doesn't have to avoid tender juicy steaks. Harvest Home Meats mission is to work with nature to provide consistent high-quality 100% Grass-Fed beef to our customers. All of our steers are born here in Northern CO and are kept 100% hormone and antibiotic free. Our cattle are developed on open pasture and are never fed antibiotics or implanted with hormonal growth stimulants. for at least 14 days for maximum flavor and tenderness. In the years that followed, they developed a breeding program of registered European bulls, most recently Saler and Gelbvieh, resulting in a unique herd well suited to the grasslands of our Rocky Mountain foothills. Our family sells all-natural grass fed beef. All of our natural grass-fed beef cattle are raised directly on our farm, free of hormones, and antibiotics. We also offer Wyoming Map, or browse the alphabetical listing below. Half or whole lamb is available early spring as mixed cuts. Website: www.cackleberryfg.com. No Additives: Buying Heart J grass fed beef assures you that your beef has NO steroids, NO hormones, and NO antibiotics!Heart Healthy: Grass fed beef contains less unhealthy fat and more healthy omegas, CLA, vitamins and other nutrients!Free Range: Heart J Cattle graze on mountain grasslands on our 3200-acre ranch and over 4000 acres of leased forest.Humanely Treated: Animal welfare is vital to our beef program. Idaho Falls, ID: Idaho Falls Farmers Market, Saturdays 9 am–1 pm Find local stores and restaurants that feature grass-fed Land & Livestock, our cattle are treated humanely and receive no Warm River Ranch raises and finishes Please check us out. Highway 26, Dubois WY 82513. Our butcher will cut and package the half and whole orders just the way you like it. Our animals are not fed any grain. Our high mountain pasture in Nederland, Colorado has been family owned since 1965. We believe that rotationally grazing cattle is the best way to raise lean, tasty beef… Blue Sage Ranch, Caroline Arrott, 66 Kruse Creek (PO Box 273), Big Horn, WY 82833. The sizes vary depending on the individual animal and keep in mind that grass-fed animals are more petite. Our herd is raised as naturally as possible. 719-343-0070 (Matt)719-343-3111 (Tanya)prairieopalranch@gmail.comwww.prairieopalranch.comhttps://www.facebook.com/PrairieOpalRanch/All of our cattle are raised, grazed and finished on native grass pasture. • Grass-raised, grass-finished • Pure-bred Angus • Dry-aged minimum 14 days • No containment/feedlots, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Wyoming Pure Natural Beef is a local meat business owned and operated by the Goertz family in Wheatland, WY. —Dr. All our meat is antibiotic free and carefully cut by our skilled butcher. Alabama | Alaska Order Grass Fed Beef Direct From the Ranch BUY AN 1/8th, 1/4, 1/2 OR A WHOLE FOR THE SAME PRICE AS THE GROCERY STORE! (307) 887-6638 or (307) 887-6639. We also offer convenient combination packages and gift baskets. Through multi-species grazing and careful pasture management, we raise healthy, productive chickens, sheep, and cattle without the use of additives, supplemental feeds or industrial chemicals. riparian zones and prairie, resulting in an abundance of native plants products on for (Rarely, we supplement with hay No antibiotics, hormones or pour-on insecticides, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, providing you with all the health benefits documented from grass fed beef. tuned growing cycle. Bison steaks, burger, roasts, and much more! All Rights Reserved. Our beef is available at the Fort Collins Old Town Farmers’ Market, through Loveland Local buying co-op, online, and at our onsite farm store (check website for hours). Hecht Creek Ranch produces high quality grassfed beef and pastured eggs. Please see our website for more information about products offered or wholesale information. Please see our website above or contact us for pricing, market schedules, and other details. The bison are never fed grain or confined to a feedlot. and antelope have done so for millennia. We are proud to have been producing grass-fed beef and lamb for over 16 years. Hecht Creek Ranch, Matt Sigel, 72 Hecht Creek Road, Laramie WY 82070. | Oklahoma | Oregon plant and can be purchased in whole, halves, and quarters. EVER.The price is based on hanging weight and includes standard processing fees. Native pasture is the primary source of energy for our beef cattle. You can also purchase ground beef from us in any quantity at any time of year. Lau Family Farm, John and Lori Anne Lau, PO Box 337, Soda Springs, ID 83276. Thursday, August 10, 2017 6:30 to 8:00 pm, ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________, Provincetowne Community Center, Fort Collins, 2017 Season CSA Fair   Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017, Wolverine Letterpress and Publick House, Fort Collins. Prairie Monarch Bison is a family-owned and operated ranch located in southeast Wyoming specializing in grass-fed and grass-finished bison (buffalo). Touchstone Angus Beef, Brad James, 440 Petz Road / PO Box 165, Lusk WY 82225. Email: farm@laufamilyfarm.com. Saturday, March 28, 2020, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, February: Exploring the Mind Body Connection with NET, with Marisa Tolsma of Bumblebee Apothecary, June Chapter Meeting: Informed Consent, Vaccine Requirements & Colorado Law, March Chapter Meeting: Making Your Garden Produce More Nutritious, February Chapter Meeting: Taking the Mystery Out of the GAPS Diet. Beef from our 100% grass fed and finished Red Devon cattle. and grass-finished, providing you with all the health benefits documented Hecht Creek Ranch is located in Centennial Valley outside of Laramie, Wyoming just 45 minutes north of Colorado. As a consumer, you develop a personal relationship with the family that raises your meat. We ship throughout the lower 48, product is packaged individually shrink wrapped and can be resold throughout the US. In 1991, we added a second, high plains ranch south of Elizabeth, Colorado. We make an effort to have beef available year around but most of the beef is ready in the fall. products: Blue Sage Ranch in Big Horn, WY raises lamb and beef in a natural environment, using low-stress handling and minimal human intervention to provide a wholesome product grown for naturally superior genetics as nature has selected. This allows us to have complete oversight, ensuring the highest quality at every stage. Beef is also available as 1/4's, sides, and whole beeves, July through October, and is processed at a family-owned, USDA inspected, Colorado abattoir. Definitely good news for a healthy lifestyle! the summer. We do offer CSA deliveries once a month in Loveland, CO at this time (2020). Fantastic American red meat makes for delicious living. We ship our meat anywhere in the continental US via UPS. We think you will agree. They are grass fed from the day they are born to the day they are slaughtered, and are never given any hormones or antibiotics. Books, 5275 We are motivated by animal husbandry, health, environment, and taste. E-mail: cackleberry.fg@gmail.com. E-mail: info@pmbison.com. Website: www.EZrocking-Ranch.com. Lau Family Farm. Come and see your food growing! cattle on native rangeland We guarantee our beef to meet your needs and expectations and invite you to contact us with any questions. Colorado Stock & Grain is a highly-diversified, certified organic farm that raises crops and livestock. | Wyoming | Advantages of 100% Grass-Fed Beef. North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio Thunderbasin beef is processed at a USDA inspected plant and can be purchased in whole, halves, and quarters. Next Chapter Meeting: Help! Website: www.laufamilyfarm.com. Check our website for details. Valid XHTML  |  Valid CSS |  Copyright © 2010. Shop packaged and frozen. Animal welfare and good husbandry practices prioritized. I will gladly buy into my wife’s hippy nonsense about grass-fed beef if our meat-stuffs continue to come from this farm. In addition to a full line of cuts and lean ground beef, Meadow Maid Foods also carries beef organs, marrow and knuckle bones, and neck bones. Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee Tenderness combined with the grass-based diet found on the open ranges of Wyoming and Colorado give Touchstone Grass Fed Beef its distinctive flavor. They get plenty of exercise, grass, fresh water and open space.

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