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Search the Tombstone Daily Epitaph newspaper archive. Since the retirement of Ben Sippy as marshal and the appointment of V.W. Col. R.J. Hinton, editor of tho WashingtonSunday Gazette, testified beforo thesenate committee, examining the subject, that ho had no personal knowledge of the correctness of chargesmade in his paper affecting the integrity of Sherman; he believed mostofthem could be substantiated; somemight bo disproved. Some sensationhas been caused by Baker's statement that on escaping from the burning theater ho purchased three candles and hastened back in tho hopeof saving some sufferers, but thepolice arrested him and refused tolet him enter the building.Xew York NtookwNkw Yokk, December IB.SILVER BARS-llJ'S.GOVERNMENTS Firm.MONEY 1 to 6.STOCKS Acthe but weak.Western Union .... B5SQuicksilver 14V4Welle, Fargo & Co.134Eric V,Union Faclttc lit)1!Bonds WKCentral Pacific .... HiBond U5!iSutra Tunnel l'iI'iciflcMall 43.Mariposa SNew York Central. [volume] (Tombstone, Pima County, Ariz.) 1880-1882, So long as our peace officers make an effort to preserve the peace and put down highway robbery -- which the Earp brothers have done, having engaged in the pursuit and capture, where captures have been made of every gang of stage robbers in the county -- they will have the support of all good citizens. Search America's historic newspaper pages from 1789-1963 or use the U.S. 89,at pott 4 feet high, 2x4 Inches, In monument ofttouei, and marked " I. M. K. M. C.No. Pullman rato3will be increased twenty per cent effective May 1, according to a noticereceived yesterday by the traffic department of the Southern Pacificfrom H. P. Clements, general passenger agent of the Pullman company.The new rates will remain in effectuntil October 31. notice also said.REJECT PAPAGO CLAIMSPHOENIX. The last eveningwill conclude with a dance; make it amerry one.It will be stou by the card from .Mr. The Tucson district during the last teu days has developedsome rlne ore. Witness presentcd tho record of tho court and theorder of tho judge for his, witness's,attendance here.Scoville objected to the admissionof tho papers upon tho ground thatthey wero not certified to by theclerk of tho court, as renuirrd by anact of congress.Tho court ovenuled the objectionand admitted the testimony.Very greatly to the disgust anddispleasure of Guiteau, Mrs. Anne J.Dunniger, tho prisoner's former wife,was called to tho stand, and Guiteauraved liko a madman and appealedin vain to the court not to permitthe witness to testify. Barr claims that the commission did not keep its end of the bargain in that the field was frequentlyIrrigated, thereby preventing flightsand that the gates were kept closedon numerous occasions.Christy as secretary to the commission .last week tiled an attachmenton the one airplane which Barr hason the grounds. There is a',least one honest dog In Mesa, andhis proprietor caught the Infection,with the result 'that a prohibitionworker now- operating in Phoenix isin possession of a pocket book whicabe lost In Mesa while nosing aroundIn search of violations of the enforcement act.The pocketbook contained J33 andsome marks of identification. You told me these men were disarmed; I went to disarm them.". Press | All Drurrls's. H. Stbutch, Esq, mining exicrt ofconsiderable celebrity, testified jestcidajin the Tombstone- Way Up case 'for thedefendant.John W. Coxwem, U a candidate forcity assessor. 3; thence south 3' 4V cut 1660 feetto thj eoutbett cVn.Tof claim, to a poat 4 feethigh 2x4 Inches, set in a monamrnt sf stone-,marked "It. ;4;" aud thic cootlnainx I. t last UKcttontJdirection to (00 feet, to a pott 4 feet Llb Si"Inches, tet In a monument of stones, and markedIt M. O. I went up the street and notified Sheriff Behan and told him it was my opinion they meant trouble, and it was his duty, as sheriff, to go and disarm them. All these littlepleasuntiies of the cow-boys may be exceedingly funny-graphs, may be exceeding,ly witty, but they will .never send HugoRichards to congress nor reelect the present sheriu".The constant lepctilion of outrages bythis gang of desperadoes known as cowboys is driving capital, capitalists and enterprise out of the country, and for a journal published in our midst to treat theseoutrages with lerity n an Insult to ths en.tire community. Mr. Wheeler did not rememberwhether or not he had read such reports while asked as to the numberof men returning to work before tiudeportation, he did not remember.Naneroas details as to selection ofdtjsrtlss. Besure and get the old bald-headed son of ab ," explains it all 1 They were assassins seeking to murder our mayor, and todo so even willing to murder a stage loadof passengers. 2.;" thencenorth i' 4S- west 1500 feet to northeast coraer ofclaim to post 4 feet lileh, 2x1 In., In a monument ofatones, and marked " R. M. 0.

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