schmincke vs daniel smith

I agree that Schmincke are excellent paints and likely to satisfy most people. Maybe it’s due to the paper i use (Fabriano Aquarello 300g sans acide grain fin). If you are thinking of buying a set of watercolors then you may find the half pan palettes to be better value initially and you can then buy individual tubes to top up your favorites. Real challenger in the United States for Daniel Smith, Da Vinci etc… i think it will be difficult for M. Graham to commercialise their paints widely in Europe. As Schmincke have been selling watercolours for well over 100 years they must be doing something right and I suggest one keeps an open mind. Way cheaper to buy from Europe and ship to US than to buy it here. Your comparisons really help in choosing water colors. It may no longer be available but have no fear it can be downloaded from the website as a PDF and studied at leisure. However, it’s interesting that the 12 top favorites listed below span across four companies. English, Judith King On top of that are the Zig Clean Color Markers and of course Distress Inks range. I mix it up. When I did a lightfastnesstest of both Rose Madder turned out to be more lightfast…, Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total). If you also are interested in having a look at Steve Mitchell's video here's the link. I recently bought a selection of Old Holland half pans and they are very beautiful and vivid. Armed with this information I laid all the swatches face up on my table in rainbow order and took my time to decide which reds I liked best, which oranges etc. It now comprises 110 colours and is available in both tubes, 15ml and 5ml, and full and half pans. Beside M. Lawrence in the U.K ( You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Keep writing and posting like this. I have always had a soft spot for Schmincke. Dick Blick offer a great choice for US shoppers although they seem to concentrate on the larger 15ml tubes which give more value than the smaller 5ml tubes with an initial lower price point which I find great to determine my favorite colors. En 1972 mes peintures ont été primées par le prix spécial jeunesse du cercle De Lahaye. Here I’m refilling one of my favorite colors; Daniel Smith quinacridone coral. Walther Personal preferences apart I think all the leading makes are decent. But don’t take our word for it- See the difference for yourself! Schmincke Horadam watercolours. The details of the full range could hardly be bettered and include notes on each colour which go beyond the simple statistics. Hi Peter,An interesting read on this brand of paint. Daniel Smith shrink to nothing when drying which makes them expensive, look less natural and some paints lightfastess rating is not true. I truly hope that you find the information useful if you are contemplating a watercolor purchase or equally suggestions on how to set up your own palette and truly get to know the watercolors you have already :D, I thought I’d finish with a gallery of pictures of cards I’ve made recently with my watercolors. I've added a blog post about the new colours and also the full range (showing the discontinued colours too) which people may find helpful. M. Graham paints are very vibrant but les than Isaro and Blockx. It felt like a children’s memory game where you turn the cards over LOL. France after all has a great tradition in producing quality art materials and they can certainly follow a recipe (my wife is French). Usually the pan sets are a better deal than buying the box separately and the empty pans and the tubes to refill them. Some of my favorite colors I had in tubes though and for these I bought empty half pans and squirted the color in to the pan and left to dry. I will do my own tests later and will update this article when it’s done. The watercolor supplies I have chosen to work with at any one time has previously changed depending on what new supplies I was enjoying playing with. The M. Graham paints do dry quite well in a palette and don’t need extra rubbing or water to reveal his quality, the same as most european extra-fine watercolours, but there is one brand that gets shinny and is the most easy to rewet and it isn’t M. Graham but Blockx. I have Jackson with honey and they attract bees, i have no problem using n graham paints for plein air…the label says it uses gum aeabic as vehicle…, why not get a cheap plastic palette instead of the tin ones…the tin rusts…. watercolour sketches, Winsor & Newton limited edition watercolours. This blog shows the drawings and paintings of myself. For example `Ultramarine Blue' is a mixture of PB15:1 Phalo Blue and PB29 Ultramarine Blue. Because of honey medium, watercolour resist hardening on the palette, or in the tube. J’espère que mes articles  vous plaisent et si vous avez une question à me poser, n’hésitez pas de me contacter par mail. If you are new to painting you'll find some useful stuff in my earlier posts. I'm trying to decide between madder brown and english venetian red. They are therefore very selective in only purchasing the best available crop. And the very 'Englishness" of W&N would also seem to have been be a big part of their appeal in the past. I have tried a few Schmincke colours and compared the tube and pan versions out of curiosity. I feel these brands can be used with relative confidence. By all means mention the blog. But if you decide to buy Schmincke and you live in the US, I would try to buy from the UK or Europe; it would be much cheaper. I've never had any trouble with their pan colours but over the last 2-3 years have been using their tube colours to fill my various palettes. It was quite difficult to find them, none of the big French shops online commercialise them. 08/12/2017 13:30, On peut acheter les couleurs de M.Graham aussi en Allemagne: => C'est un petit magasin à Berlin qui vend aussi par internet. For example Dick Blick the American art supply store I list above sells 15ml tubes of artist quality watercolors (you can often find smaller 5ml sizes elsewhere). I would view it as an empty pan even though they are filled, and buy tubes if I really wanted those colors. A teeny tiny bit will reconstitute into a nice rich puddle. Another mixture of old and newer artists, including some of the very best and some of my favourites. Hi Jane & Peter,Thanks for the very interesting thoughts. Mes peintures et dessins font le fil rouge de ce blog. Is it comparable to DS? There is always food for the eye and food for the brain in here.Cheers,Kevin. I'll give more thought and more attention to this on future purchases. It's actully a gorgeous shadow purple that granulates showing green and rose. Thanks againboth :)Kevin. Based on the advice of Dawn Woleslagle in the Online Card Classes Watercolor For Cardmakers: Intermediate Techniques, I created swatches for all my watercolors. Of the 110 colours 70 are single pigment paints and the use of good reliable pigments is prevalent. That's my main criticism.I've used several brands and , although there are differences most leading brands are acceptable. Best Color Variety: Daniel Smith Watercolor Tubes at Amazon "Top-quality watercolor paints with a range of more than 200 colors." Lemon Yellow, Pure Yellow, Chrome Yellow Deep, Translucent Orange, Cadmium Red Light, Permanent Carmine, Ruby Red and Purple Magenta. I tend to think that you need to keep the paint moist by spraying, even during periods of inactivity. Of course, you don’t get to select your colors but I think the Schmincke assortments are pretty good as far as warm/cool, transparent/opaque, earths, darks, brights, etc.

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