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Peter McLaren is Distinguished Professor in Critical Studies, International Ambassador of Global Ethics and Social Justice and Co-Director of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project, College of Educational Studies, Chapman University in Orange, California. Life in Schools is (among other things) a sprawling, many-sided, and brilliant manual of theory, history, and practice for teachers, teachers-in-training, and current and future education professors ready to enlist in that “war of position.” The stakes, McLaren reminds us (like his colleague and ally Giroux [1]), are not small: “Today, amidst the most powerful conglomeration of cultural, political, and economic power aver assembled in history…we have seen our humanity swept away like a child’s sigh in a tornado…The marble pillars of democracy have crashed around our heads, leaving us ensepulchered in a graveyard of empty dreams… The omnicidal regimes of our Anthropocene Era have brutalized our planet to the point of bringing ecosystems and the energies of evolution and speciation to the point of devastation and Homo Sapiens to the brink of extinction….Time is running out quickly. McLaren devotes 140 pages to Che’s life and politics, 44 pages to Freire’s pedagogy, and 25 pages to “revolutionary pedagogy.”. The major barrier to the radical and democratic changes required, McLaren feels, has to do with hope and confidence: “The biggest prohibitive obstacle to organizing the Left is [a lack of] confidence that an alternative to capitalism can be made viable.”. Shine a light on government and corporate exploitation. In “Life in Schools” (now in its fourth edition), McLaren famously criticized his earlier positions taken in “Cries” and went on to become a leader in the burgeoning field known as critical pedagogy. Whereas those methods and paradigms covertly advance the predatory capitalist (neoliberal) project beneath the pretense of impartial neutrality (so that “being educated today constitutes a form of historically conditioned estrangement and alienation” [280]), critical pedagogy openly advances a liberating and participatory democratic socialism beyond both state capitalism and authoritarian socialism. To be sure, McLaren devotes a number of pages to his project of revolutionary pedagogy. Professor McLaren is the author and editor of 45 books and several hundred scholarly articles. As McLaren acknowledges, it’s not easy to answer the question of how to develop a widespread faith in socialism’s viability. Title: Peter McLaren, Education, and the Struggle for Liberation Editor(s): Mustafa Yunus Eryaman Publish Date: January 2009 Pages: 264 Format: Paper Quantity: This is a new edited volume about the teachings and activism of one of the world's most respected critical educators and activists. Wählen Sie eine Sprache für Ihren Einkauf. Life in Schools: An Introduction to Critical Pedagogy in the Foundations of Education, 5th Edition Peter McLaren, University of California, Los Angeles ©2007 | Pearson | Out of print It provides signposts for a critical education rooted in a historical materialist conception of the world. Peter McLaren is Renowned Scholar in Residence and Director of the Center for Education and Cultural Studies at Miami University, Ohio. Peter McLaren, named Outstanding Educator in America by the Association of Educators of Latin America and the Caribbean in 2013 and winner of numerous awards for his scholarship and international political activism, has … Professor McLaren served as Professor of Education, Director of the Center for Education and Cultural Studies and Renowned Scholar-in-Residence for 8 years at Miami University of Ohio and 20 years as Professor of Education at The University of California, Los Angeles. Deals with the teachings and activism of one of the world's most respected critical educators and activists. Please, log in or register, Special Price This book is suitable for students in educational foundations, social studies education, contemporary issues in education, comparative education, and the philosophy and sociology of education. In addition, he serves as the Co-Director of The Paulo Freire Democratic Project, Chair Professor at Northeast Normal University, Changchun, China, and is the International Ambassador for Global Ethics and Social Justice (Jandrić 2018: 153). He also provides a trenchant critique of postmodernized approaches to critical pedagogy. Before COVID-19 hit, we were hoping to grow a little this year & to expand our coverage. Peter McLaren, Education, and the Struggle for Liberation, (Englisch) Gebundene Ausgabe – 15.

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