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I’ll leave it there for now.). University of California Press: 1990.) “Reducing crime is saving minority lives. “It was humiliating and disrespectful, but it was also a sense of disbelief that this was really happening, that this person would exercise this much privilege,” Williams said. Funkquarians at a rehearsal. “The left only has a rhetoric for victimization. A celebration of the Justice for Oscar Grant protesters. A person qualified for that biotech job was then more than likely to live outside of Oakland and would have to drive to work, anyway. It also remains the only time in NFL History that Oakland filed a bid to host a Super Bowl Game. A “racial spoils system” is but one example in Salon, and The Nation’s Marc Cooper wrote it was “an ossified Democratic political machine that had once been a showcase for rising black political power.” These takes should give any black democrat or someone white, or Asian, or Latino who has the appropriate level of sensitivity to institutional racism pause. We need Oakland leaders who understand how to make government help people and small businesses. “They had made living there so distasteful to me that I just wanted to leave it all behind,” said Leggett. “It was disturbing. The insider group needed to be shaken up — the friends getting jobs for friends. We deliver food and supplies to encampments across Oakland. The man said they were violating noise ordinances, but the group, which had been drumming there for several years and was outside for a rare lunar eclipse, kept playing. It’s also not necessary. Moreover, the Mayor has taken heat for a not hiring more than a single black man during her first term – something that, in fairness to Libby, she’s worked to corrrect. Do y’all give away hygiene packs? In a city that has been neglected for twenty-five years, the only thing I can do as mayor is offer a certain level of confidence and reassure investors they are making a good decision. I’m always going to hear that voice,” Smith said on a recent sunny morning, standing in the grass where, weeks earlier, his leisurely Sunday had turned into a nightmare. People voted for change, and that’s what they’re getting.”. Every city department head but one is black — is that diversity? He's covered the NFL, San Diego Comic Con, The Night of 100 Stars Oscars Party, The NFL Draft, and CES Las Vegas annually more than 10 years. Twitter. So, goodbye black Oakland, for all practical purposes. Housing and Dignity Village: Did the City Of Oakland mislead the judge? Some of the most targeted encampments are in East Oakland. Visit www.youtube.com/blockreporttv. Okay. Some people make waves while others ride them. 1860: 1,543 (18 black residents 2; the population of Oakland doubled from 1862 to 1866) 1870: 10,500 (55 black residents- Daniels, Douglas Henry. And less you say I’m wrong, well, here’s Jerry Brown, yet again, in Marc Cooper’s interview in The Nation: “Here’s the problem: We are making real progress in Oakland. Candice: EOC serves on the steering committee of the Homeless Advocacy Working Group (HAWG) and, at the beginning of the pandemic, we worked with the City of Oakland administration to stop encampment sweeps. On 27 September 2015, Williams, who grew up by Lake Merritt in the 1980s, was part of a small drum circle with his group SambaFunk! Theo Williams is a native Oaklander and African American artist who has found a way to remain in the city, even after his family lost their home. Oakland News Now Today Blog – SF Bay Area Daily By Zennie62Media: Oakland CA News OaklandBlog, San Francisco, San Jose, East Bay, LA, ATL, USA, World, NFL, Raiders, sports, movies, politics, tech, YouTube, Comic Con, CES. EOC rapidly grew to focus on civic engagement and leadership, economic empowerment and homeless services and solutions. M.O.I. (Here, I have to sadly report the shockingly regular negative words white liberal publications like Salon and The Nation used to describe to African American-ran government in the Oakland of the 80s and 90s, in reference to Jerry Brown’s rise to become Oakland’s mayor. Jennifer Schulte, who called 911 to complain about Smith’s use of a charcoal grill, was soon nicknamed BBQ Becky, becoming the subject of viral memes and the most recent symbol of white Americans harassing black people. So, Tom Steyer quietly sweeps in a buys the devalued-to-junk coal fields, adds automation, and makes a killing off the unsuspecting elected officials who gained his financial backing. Economic Development assures the creation of a city that’s for everyone. Go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/hotels-not-graves. The man called police, and eventually a squad of officers showed up, leading Williams to get a citation for “battery” after the caller alleged he had been assaulted. Oakland’s society has degenerated into a free-for-all, where one can be killed just for having a laptop in a cafe. 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Is the city of Oakland offering any considerable help? “Nobody’s talking about that anymore. It looked like an outbreak of ugly racial politics was going to paralyze Brown’s attempts at reform. . Officials constructed freeways, train tracks and federal buildings that literally destroyed homes and tore neighborhoods apart. I call it a complete insult to blacks who have tech startups in Oakland and who seek venture funding. What Jerry Brown did that was positive was to dramatically end the institutional investor racism that plagued Oakland for decades. Today, that mindless focus on tech has caused many Oaklanders to be pushed out of the city – many of them black. If that’s the case, Governor Brown’s past statements combined with the giant Oakland homeless problem of today, will lead to a wholesale reformation of his political image. Oakland's black population decreased by nearly 25 percent between 2000 and 2010. Almost all of them were black. So, I can see a future that consists of a well-gunned Oakland homeless community attacking Moms 4 Housing and taking the property they took from Wedgewood Properties. She said a manager was later defensive, claiming her son frequently tried to steal and questioning how he could have the money to afford the potential gifts. Use the Amazon wish list to purchase food and essential supplies for the unhoused. After that, she doesn’t know. How can someone come into the community and begin to dictate to somebody who has been there for years?” said Harris. (Update: reading that for the first time causes me to look at how then-Mayor Brown treated me during my Super Bowl: Oakland effort with fresh eyes. But that didn’t last long because, during a drive around Oakland with Forest City’s Greg Vilkin, I was informed that Brown, who had then just won the 1998 Oakland Mayoral Election, was talking with Forest City not about my Uptown project, but about building housing in the same Uptown District, using the same site. And tech? With panic buying and rations on key essential items, people cannot use their SNAP or EBT benefits to purchase the appropriate amount of water, food and supplies for their families. So much for jobs and housing balance. But two months later, the storm is over. Part Two, and Part Three, Part Four, © Copyright 2020 Newses. Newsom online – not meeting the large demand of the many unhoused individuals and families who need emergency shelter and permanent housing. That’s not city building. Congregants during a Sunday service at Pleasant Grove Baptist church. The woman could’ve ended his life with a single phone call, he said, and her threatening words play on repeat.

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