la croix citric acid

LaCroix has drawn fans with its claims to be "natural" and free of many things found in other sodas and bottled waters -- sugar, calories, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors. ... or citric acid will not cause tooth decay. “There are naturally occurring citric acids in many citrus flavors,” LaCroix told us. However, both of these contain zero calories with no artificial sweeteners, so they can be consumed while fasting. Not to mention, LaCroix and other sparkling waters totally count toward your hydration for the day—and staying hydrated is one of the simplest healthy things you can do for yourself, according to Taylor C. Wallace, Ph.D., C.F.S, F.A.C.N., CEO at Think Healthy Group, certified food scientist, and professor in the department of nutrition and food studies at George Mason University. Both Bubly & LaCroix contain small amounts of natural flavors such as lemon or lime. Citric acid could be a component of one of those “flavors,” but labels don’t have to list it separately, so consumers would never know. Some other popular sparkling waters are Bubly & LaCroix. Is La Croix water acidic? “However, the levels in the finished product are extremely low,” and LaCroix is “less acidic than traditional soft drinks.” (The company wouldn’t give us pH levels for its waters .) “There are naturally occurring citric acids in many citrus flavors,” LaCroix told us.

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