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It’s easiest to split Scotland up regionally, but don’t think for a moment that a distillery’s location dictates its style. By law, Irish whiskey must be produced in Ireland and aged in wooden casks for a minimum of three years, although in practice it is much longer. Buyers Guide – What to look for when buying a whiskey decanter? These unique decanters will please that one family member or friend with slightly unusual tastes, those who have a keen eye for the strange and peculiar. In the late 19th century, Irish whiskey ruled the world, comfortably outselling its Scottish rivals. With its stylish diamond-cut design, this Trinkware Cranford 5 piece whisky decanter bar set is the ideal choice for any table or display cabinet. These decanters are hand-crafted and made from Tritan crystal glass that resists breakage and chipping, so longevity is guaranteed. Strictly speaking part of the Highlands, Speyside was only legally defined as a Scotch whisky region in 2009. This lead-free crystal Lefonte liquor decanter has a capacity of 750ml and boasts a unique and appealing shape and Irish cut triangular design that makes it an ideal addition to any table or display cabinet. Definitely one of the top picks for affordable decanters, this Ravenscroft decanter emphasizes its subtle design when whiskey is poured in. There are now new distilleries all over the country, from a resurgent Dublin scene to remote coastal locations such as Dingle. Then a series of blows, from the rise of blended Scotch to geopolitical upheavals, sent it plummeting to near destruction. Clean and concise is the perfect description for this decanter. Alc 45%, {"api":{"host":"https:\/\/","authorization":"Bearer Zjc4OWQ4ODY3OTYyMjRmYzE2MmM2NjVlNmYxMDE1MGIzZWNmMWZlYzE2MTNjN2QxZmVkY2ExZTFkYTQ1MzJjOA","version":"2.0"},"piano":{"sandbox":"false","aid":"6qv8OniKQO","rid":"RJXC8OC","offerId":"OFPHMJWYB8UK","offerTemplateId":"OFPHMJWYB8UK","wcTemplateId":"OTOW5EUWVZ4B"}}, {"location":"Keystone Header","subscribeText":"Subscribe Now","version":"2","menuWidgetTitle":"","myAccountLnk":"\/wine-reviews\/account","premiumLnk":"\/subscribe","menuLnks":{"2":{"text":"My Wines","href":"\/wine-reviews\/my-wines"}},"colors":{"text":"#ffffff","button":"#decc8f","link":"#ffffff"}}, The whisky scene is more exciting than ever before. Unpeated styles of single malt tend to be lighter and fruitier with a sweet malt taste. And while the price of these sets is usually relatively high, their design and style are always guaranteed to be of the utmost quality. These are all important questions that you need to consider. Unique Decanters SET OF 27 VINTAGE HOFFMAN IRISH WHISKEY DECANTERS 1973-1978 LAWRENCEBURG, KY. $137.99. Is there a Difference Between a Whiskey Decanter, a Bourbon Decanter, and a Scotch Decanter? The crystal pattern on the decanter gives the set a “streaky” look (described as a “vertical cut-flame design”) that is sure to intrigue the eyes of many. For example, they may dislike classically designed pieces and instead prefer a subtler and more contemporary look, especially if they wish to store it in a prominent location like the living room or lounge. It’s more than a century since Masataka Taketsuru’s fact-finding trip to Scottish distilleries, which helped kick-start the Japanese whisky industry and its twin dynasties of Suntory and Nikka. Whether you’re looking for an ideal gift or an adornment for your own home, this Lefonte decanter is a great option. Alcohols from the middle or ‘heart’ of the distillation are skillfully removed by a stilllman and taken away and matured to become whisky. There are plenty of options available to you in terms of choice, as previously shown, so you needn’t worry about not being able to find the right one. With Isle of Harris and Raasay newly open to visitors (though subject to Covid-19 changes: check producer websites) and more due to open in the near future, it’s a full-on island renaissance. However, the main difference between these decanters is their design. Or do you simply want to treat yourself to a gorgeously elegant and completely practical gift? I to would care to know details of such company that hath created such exquisite decanter on the upper portion of thy electronic publication. It was repealed in the early 1800s during the Jefferson administration. But even ‘traditional’ distillers play a number of riffs around this central theme, from richly spiced rye to softly textured wheat, or the original American corn-dominant, young style. Alternatively, luxury decanter sets are the perfect gift for those celebrating a particularly special occasion such as a wedding, a significant birthday or a big anniversary date. The 2017 release is deliciously perfumed, with notes of Amalfi lemon and butterscotch. People are now making whisky in just about every country where whisky is drunk and, because this is fundamentally a product of place, they’re forging new styles and flavour profiles in the process. This is the epicentre of malt whisky production in Scotland, with nearly 50 distilleries in operation, including the world’s two best-selling single malts: Glenfiddich and The Glenlivet. This decanter is shaped like a barrel, resting on a beautiful mahogany wood perch. Alc 45.7%, Seattle’s Westland is one of a new breed of distilleries with a holistic vision of what whiskey should be. But they remain remarkable whiskies, offering excellent value for money, and typifying their own house style. The craft distilling revolution has only brought more diversity, as a new generation of producers questions every piece of accepted wisdom, experimenting and innovating to find something new to say: look for Westland, Balcones, Smooth Ambler, Hudson and WhistlePig. Then, slowly but surely, the international fame of Japanese whisky spread, boosted in recent years by the eyewatering auction prices fetched by cult ‘lost’ distilleries Karuizawa and Hanyu. Buyers Guide – What to look for when buying a whiskey decanter? Try searching for a decanter with no less than 15 ounces of capacity. Offering more than 3000 products in store and online for delivery around the world. More than a decade since its first release, Kavalan continues to wow doubters with its fruity character and eclectic choice of casks. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, 17 Best Whiskey Decanters & Decanter Sets on 2020. Blends – combining malt and grain whiskies – make up most of the market, but single malts – small-batch whiskies produced at one distillery using only barley, water and yeast – hog the headlines. Alc 43%, Kilchoman distillery opened in 2005 near Machir Bay, and the charm of its early releases has now acquired added depth. If you are seeking a decanter as a gift, or for personal use, but the recipient does not consider themselves to be a connoisseur of whiskey or the occasion is not considered major in terms of importance then consider some of the following decanters. The naturally occurring loss of alcohol volume during whisky maturation is known as the ‘angels share’ and can vary from 2% in Scotland where consistently low temperatures limit overall evaporation rates to up to 10% in hotter countries such as India and America. Bourbon whiskey is usually distilled twice using column stills, it must contain at least 51% of corn (maize) and be aged in new charred oak barrels. But bust inexorably followed boom and, one by one, they all shut down, except for Springbank and Glen Scotia, with a resurrected Glengyle opening in 2004. With a capacity of 18.6 fluid ounces, this is also one very practical decanter. Ireland's premier retailer for whiskey, gin, wine and spirits. Premium Decanters Alc 46%, A malt whisky produced, rather confusingly, within a grain distillery (Girvan), with a modern, multifunctional ethos. The same deep level of customization is present here, offering different variations of font, initials and text. 0 bids. This decanter offers a 26-ounce capacity, similar to the Reed & Barton decanter, but has a decidedly cleaner look, choosing to refrain from any needless blemishes that would obscure your fine whiskey. This personalized decanter also allows an engraving of a certain date, making it the perfect gift for birthdays or anniversaries. One of the best premium decanters on the market, the Crystal Beveled Blade decanter by Ravenscroft is an exceptionally practical and stylish whiskey decanter. Complete with a 24-karat gold leaf stopper, this bold piece brings subtle vintage glam to any space and features an elegant diamond pattern imprinted into the glass. The rise of blended Scotch and a tendency (especially in urban distilleries) to favour quantity over quality led to the near-destruction of the Lowlands as a single malt- producing region in the 20th century. Others, such as the marvellous Arran, or Abhainn Dearg on Lewis, are relative newcomers. There is a tap at one end of the barrel in which your whiskey can freely pour out. The Scottish islands of Islay, Skye and Orkney are renowned for their peated whiskies.

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