how to adjust electric guitar bridge intonation

Here are some common causes of poor intonation. A properly intonated guitar will play in tune all the way up the neck. The guitar bridge is the point on the guitar where the strings are anchored and held away from the main body. 1. How to adjust a guitar’s bridge and intonation By: eHow Arts & Entertainment Editor. This adjustment is preferably carried out at the bridge of the electric guitar.. What Causes Poor Guitar Intonation? So now you are armed with the knowledge you need to get your guitar’s intonation spot on! Faulty Guitar Strings. It may be easy or complex depending on the nature or type of the guitar. It influences the tone and sustain of a guitar, whether you can use vibrato, and the degree to which you can adjust the intonation. I've followed the instructions in this answer about fixing the intonation using the adjuster screws on the bridge. I picked up a cheap (used) guitar on which the intonation was all out of wack. Adjusting the guitar simply means shortening or extending the scale length appropriately until the right intonation is obtained. Not all guitar strings are created equal, and maybe you’ve bought a bad set. I am having a serious issue with my guitar and looking for some help. My guitar sounds much better now, but several of the strings still need to be tightened further. Before you adjust the intonation remember to loosen the string. Manufacturers set up your guitar in a very specific way, and any flaw in the setup, however tiny, can have a massive impact on how your guitar sounds. There are a number of things that can interfere with the intonation of an electric guitar; however, when musicians talk about setting the guitar’s intonation, they are generally referring to adjustments made at the guitar’s bridge to alter string lengths. In many cases without initially do this you can easily damage the bridge or threads on the bolts in some way. With his expertise he explains what guitar intonation is, what the different factors that affect guitar intonation are, different tuning methods, different guitar bridges, and finally how to adjust and setup the intonation of the guitar string by string. This is created by the length of each string from the nut to the bridge. As the intonation is what determines the guitar being in-tune throughout the whole fretboard. In this video series, professional guitar player and technician Bill MacPherson shows how to adjust the intonation of a guitar.

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