how long does sourdough bread last

It was time for me to level up my sourdough bread baking which meant I was on the lookout for a grain mill to start milling my own flour. Since sourdough bread doesn’t contain the preservatives that make store-bought bread last for weeks, it will go start to stale the minute you slice into a loaf. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. As air bubbles start to develop, the dough will not only grow in size, but also become lighter and fluffier. Look out for the following signs: NOTE: If you’d like more support in learning how to get great at sourdough, check out my online course here. So rather than thinking of it as how long, you really should be looking for clues as to how much longer it needs, and if it is showing signs of completion or not. When you handle the dough after its bulk fermentation, it will feel quite different to when you first handled it. It is the oldest type of leavened bread (bread that rises due to yeast or other ingredients) on record, and it’s enjoyed in many cultures around the world.Â. If: A dough that has been proofed properly will still have ‘strength’ to it when handled. Let’s discuss them below…. This is the point at which it is done and ready to shape. Today, sourdough bread can be made at home or bought in stores throughout the country. For instance, you may keep a relatively small total starter amount (50 grams or less) on a day-to-day basis. Never created a password? And there are also a few ‘tests’ you can do to double check if you are still unsure. The best way to control the exact time that you proof your sourdough for is to put it in an environment where the temperature and humidity is carefully controlled. If you can resist going in for a slice immediately, you can actually keep sourdough bread fresh by stashing it in your freezer. When sourdough is left to rise, its characteristics change as it ferments. This site is owned and operated by Aysha Tai. Recently, there seems to be a renewed interest in sourdough bread, with hundreds of people developing their own starters and practicing home-made recipes. As I mentioned earlier, it will take some experience to understand your dough, but looking out for these characteristics will help. 2. You will find that it has developed stretchiness and elasticity. It will feel alive by being a little stubborn in the shape it wants to be. This is by far our favorite way to make sourdough bread last, because you can pull out just what you need, give it a quick reheat in the toaster and go on with your carb-loving life. These bacteria are important for maintaining a stable, healthy digestive system. Freshly milled flour at home This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. © 2010-2020 Wow Media Products, Inc doing business as PureWow. There is also a test that you can perform to help you understand if the dough has developed enough strength and ‘bounce’ in it to hold itself up…. And in the colder weather it would under ferment. Many people tout the health benefits of sourdough bread, but it’s still not for everyone. link to 25 Gifts Every Bread Baker Wants! It will keep in the freezer for three to six months. Store it in a brown paper bag at room temperature. Your best bet is a brown paper bag, which allows the bread to breath. Sign Up to Receive Our Free Coroanvirus Newsletter, Potential Health Benefits of Sourdough Bread, Potential Risks of Eating Sourdough Bread, Becoming a Vegetarian: Foods to Choose From. According to some studies, sourdough bread acts as a prebiotic, which means that the fiber in the bread helps feed the “good” bacteria in your intestines. Having an over proofed dough is a little tricky to salvage. This acid both flavors the bread and kills unwanted bacteria, keeping a sourdough starter safer from going bad. All rights reserved. Over fermentation means the dough has no food left, and so it has no strength left to continue to ferment or grow in size. 4. (Here’s a link to the company website to buy direct from them, or for more information about its functionality, including a detailed video of the proofer in action). And every now and then, you get that... Best Grain Mill for Bread Flour: Full Buyers Guide. But all in all, if you are not sure, it’s always better to under-proof it than to over-proof it. Or hotter. The smaller the amount of sourdough starter in the dough, and the colder the temperature, the longer the dough is able to ferment for. Store it whole in the freezer. And this meant that my bread would come out different every time. Your sourdough starter has may be contaminated if it: Throw your sourdough starter away if it’s exhibiting any of these qualities. Once the dough has proven for enough time, it will look different. If you have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease, consult with your physician before adding sourdough bread to your diet.Â, American Pharmacy: Oxygen Free Radicals and Antioxidants: A Review: The use of antioxidant vitamin supplements to scavenge free radicals could decrease the risk of disease”, Applied and Environmental Microbiology: “Selected Lactic Acid Bacteria Synthesize Antioxidant Peptides during Sourdough Fermentation of Cereal Flours.”, British Journal of Nutrition: “Use of sourdough lactobacilli and oat fibre to decrease the glycaemic index of white wheat bread.”. This is the reason why. When you first learn to bake sourdough, it is handy to use certain time guidelines to help understand how long to proof sourdough for, but you may find that your bread results are different every time. Instead of using baker’s yeast, sourdough bread relies on a starter: a mixture of water and flour that develops a population of wild yeast. And if you do leave it too long, it eventually runs out of its food source (the starches and sugars in the dough), and over ferments. Store it sliced in the freezer. An average one slice of sourdough bread (about 50 grams) contains: Sourdough bread is an excellent source of: Sourdough bread is also an excellent source of antioxidants. Skip the plastic wrap and aluminum foil; both will trap moisture inside your bread and cause it to get soggy (and eventually moldy). (We’ll be going through these signs in a bit). Research has found a number of potential health benefits to eating sourdough bread: Sourdough bread is particularly rich in nutrients that the body can easily absorb. When you first learn to bake sourdough, it is handy to use certain time guidelines to help understand how long to proof sourdough for, but you may find that your bread results are different every time. If you wait for it to double in size, then you’re far more likely to over ferment the dough, by waiting for it to double in size when in some cases, it never will. The dough will now be very light and have a ‘bouncy’ kind of a feel to it. How long should you leave sourdough to rise before baking? (This is particularly useful in lower hydration doughs, or with stiffer starters.) This test can be done once the dough has had some time to ferment. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of sourdough bread.Â. As a professional chef, I’m pretty obsessed with bread. Are you sure you want to remove this item from your Recipe Box? This is a sign that it is ready to be shaped. NOTE: If you’d like more detailed information about how temperature affects sourdough, have a read of my “Guide on the Best Proofing Temperature for Sourdough”.

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