hitachi window ac review

The huts contained all our touch screen PLC based work stations and in places like Marble Bar, Kalgoorlie and here in Qld at Mt Isa the units have been running in terrible conditions and never get serviced or looked at and have absolutely never missed a beat. Shop2Give Hope Sale – Up to 70% OFF Unilever Products! It has some special features like silent operation, sleep mode, and auto climate technology. So let us walk you through these Hitachi AC reviews to help you find the best one for your needs. These models similarly include a ‘powerful mode’, which apparently helps promote air move further and quicker throughout the room. Sorry about the dirty filter, I really need to clean it. But in the fuse box, each ac has a different switch. My name is Karen. This feature saves power and efficiency of the AC. Each degree lower uses more electricity. It has some special features like antibacterial coating, dust filter, air purifier, and Dehumidifier. Make sure all the windows are closed and that any holes are sealed. Knowing that they are proven, I have put a couple on my home and they are fantastic, never missed a beat, however l do regularly service them! The tech installing it said that they had been having lots of trouble with this new model and there was no way he would install one in his home. The filter should be cleaned often, maybe once a week. On/off features makes it hassle-free to use. Then when it did work, it had a mind of its own. Your email address will not be published. This window AC has a 1.5-ton capacity which is suitable for medium-sized rooms like (121 to 179 sq ft). We had some uncomfortably hot days with the air con only turning on for a minute or two at low speed, them switching off. Agree with KG. The huts contained all our touch screen PLC based work stations and in places like Marble Bar, Kalgoorlie and here in Qld at Mt Isa the units have been running in terrible conditions and never get serviced or looked at and have absolutely never missed a beat. We would say it’s comparable to some of the best window ACs in India. In the past I have replaced capacitors in my ceiling fans earlier for the same problem. Fees payable by product providers for referrals and sponsorship may vary between providers. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Breville Smart Grinder Pro Review + Repair Experience, Updated: My Giant "Where To Eat" in Hong Kong List, JW Marriott Shenzhen Hotel Review + Touring Shopping Park, Updated: Hitachi vs. Carrier Window Type Inverter…, Where to Buy Cheap Beauty Products in Hong Kong…, Hitachi Window-Type Inverter Aircon Review (Compact),, OPPO Up to 24% OFF on Shopee’s 10.10 Big Brands Sale, #BeautyThatCares SALE Starts Today! It still works until now, so matibay naman. We bought our Hitachi 2-3 years ago so deals have most likely changed. I am in possession of the old PCB. The various Hitachi ‘E’ series wall mounted split system air conditioners include: When it comes to energy-efficiency, the star rating seems to be fairly consistent across the range. The unit comes with anti-bacterial coating, dust filter, dehumidifier and air filter. Here is the list of top 10 best Hitachi air conditioners. If it is more than this the cooling may not be effective. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Resolved: PLDT Modem Router Problem + Technical Support Experience, Updated Converge Internet Review: Change of Modem, Updated: Hitachi vs. Carrier Window Type Inverter Aircon Experience / Review. I raised a complaint to customer care about water slipping into the room from Split AC body day before yesterday (8th Sept 2020). The biggest difference is in the energy-efficiency ratings of the Hitachi RAC-S25YHA, Hitachi RAC-S35YHA and Hitachi RAC-S50YHA. To get the latest updates, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram. For those asking about the installation, we got e-5 Air-Condition & Electronics Service Center, # 254-8361, 711-8506, 711-8987. The aircon thermostat says 23 C, but it feels like 16 C! same case sa timer function. It ran for about 2 min then stopped.Over the next 3 weeks, both the inside and outside circuit boards were replaced along with some of the cabling - but it still would not run past the first heating cycle.After I made a formal request for a new unit and told the installer I would be contact Consumer Affairs if it wasn't replaced, Hitachi agree to replace the whole outdoor unit - w...Read more, I purchased this 6kw inverter split system from Reece plumbing and it's so far a great success. When the lights are off, especially around 2-4am, the room gets really cold using this method that I sometimes have to get an additional blanket. UPDATED: Converge Internet Review Using Separate WIFI Router. AND when I call their customer care, they came to my house, done nothing but complained of gas leak and collected 500/- Rs. The appliance will similarly adjust when operating the heating function. What’s the problem kaya? Are you prone to allergies? It also depends if you have a lot of stuff in your room. The room it’s in is around 12-15 sqm. User manual, a warranty card, and Connecting Pipes. I had this experiance with another brand, turned out to be (after 2 years of it not working) air bouncing back to the thermostat. Now the problem is nung 1 gabi lang bago ako gumising is namatay siyang mag-isa. 1-year warranty on the AC and condenser, but 5 years for the compressor, Condenser coils are made of high-quality copper, Copper condensers are repairable in case the need be, No temperature display on the indoor unit, Some units ship with some missing parts needed for installation like brackets, The installation service is often not as good as you would like, It can be a little noisy when running at the highest setting, Although Hitachi doesn’t insist on using a stabilizer, using one would be safer, Vitamin C filter to manage skin from drying, Copper tubes and pipes which are long lasting, Compressor problem encountered sometimes during high temperatures, After-sales service is not to the expected standards. Thank you. Gourdo’s Opens Bigger, Better Branch in Glorietta 4, Buy 1 Take 1 on Singleton of Dufftown at F1 Hotel Manila, P59/ Mo. My overall impression is that It’s a solid unit. The requirements of its consumers by developing some of the world’s leading technologies for air conditioning. It is effective for rooms upto the size of 100-110 sft. set temp @ 18 deg after 8 hrs temp is still @ 23. room is about 12sqm only. That’s how it works. & they are also not providing service on time. We ask for Daniel (0905 857 3498 – he also does aircon cleaning). Whereas before, we timed it to stop at 6 hours or 8 hours, this time, we let it go for up to 12 hours. This is said to ensure that each unit operates at a slightly lower reduced temperature to minimise the amount of energy used. Based on the city.The AC is operating in and the time of the day along with the user’s metabolic needs. We tried it one more time pero ganun pa din. Register now and take advantage of ProductReview's Brand Management Platform! Sobrang lakas at lamig so naka set lang kami sa 25. It comes with the manufacturer’s warranty for a 1-year warranty on the product, and 5 years warranty on the compressor. Sayang ang pera This product has a 1.5-ton capacity which is easily suitable for medium-sized rooms like (111 to 150 sq ft). But while it may not feature in our list of the best ACs in India, it can certainly be a good choice for those looking for a quality AC at a fairly affordable price. The first one we bought was a couple of years ago, when this model was the only one available window type inverter aircon, and which can fit in our small “aircon hole” on the wall. Sponsored products are clearly disclosed as such on website pages. Hitachi RAS25/35/50/60/70/80YHA has been discontinued. I argued that first of all tell me that how could such a premium product break down within first year of its purchase? And the ISEER Value is 3.8. I don’t post every sale I find. has affiliate partnerships. The built-in motion sensor might be especially handy for people who want to save power as the function is designed to automatically adjust its temperature settings based on whether people are still in the room. Pls share din dito kung anong update. You are living in a country in mind and work to exceed those standards. But keep in mind that this energy-efficient wall-mounted split-system air conditioner is the least powerful in the range, offering up to just 3.1kw cooling capacity and 4.4kw heating capacity. kgs and looks cool on the walls. For more information about reviews on please visit our But after 1 month the same issue of low cooling complaint filled and the technician found gas leaked issue from the same loose nut but company not agreed with defective parts. Hitachi provides several types of air conditioning systems suitable for homes and businesses. Voltas or O General are much much better than hitachi, I have wasted my 1 lakh rupees on hitachi and I will never ever buy hitachi's any product from now onwards.

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