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1170, 2009). It is shown that for arbitrary positiveε there exists a graph withoutK 4 and so that all its subgraphs containing more than 1/2 +ε portion of its edges contain a triangle (Theorem 2). Editorial policies; Journal news. Our policy of voluntary page charges operates as follows. JCMCC began publication in April, 1987. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you This approach is very robust and it has many remarkable properties. … It is certainly good that someone took the effort to write … in a form that is appropriate for undergraduates. and figures should be numbered and in a form suitable for photographic reproduction. First, researchers in the field of ordered sets and lattices and related fields like algebra, graphs, and combinatorics. The file must be in 10 point Times or Computer Modern font, single spaced, with the text We use your copy as camera-ready. price for Spain CiteScore values are based on citation counts in a range of four years (e.g. Questions or comments about JCMCC may be directed to the Editor-in-Chief, It is understood that the contents of the paper, In preparing the manuscript, avoid compositors' conventions, such as coloured underlining. The authors offer a wide selection of topics, often in more depth than other undergraduate texts, in an engaging and clear style. Our systems will continue to remind you of the original timelines but we intend to be highly flexible at this time. … The book is written in a reader-friendly style and there are enough exercises. RIS (ProCit, Reference Manager) BibTeX RefWorks Direct Export. … There is a short section on References in each chapter introducing briefly other books dealing with the topics covered in the respective chapter. Graphs and Combinatorics | Citations: 511 | Graphs and Combinatorics is an international journal devoted to research concerning all aspects of combinatorial mathematics. Submissions to JCMCC can be sent to any member of the editorial board. • Topics in combinatorial geometry, including Erdos and Szekeres’ development of Ramsey Theory in a problem about convex polygons determined by sets of points. Now Listed in the Science Citation Index Expanded in the Web of Science. On the other hand it is proved that such graphs have necessarily low edge density (Theorem 4). Tables of Contents are available for recent volumes. • New material on partitions, multinomial coefficients, and the pigeonhole principle. It is devoted to research concerning all aspects of combinatorial mathematics, especially graph theory and discrete geometry. Students should find this book as easy to read as any other good-quality text written with them in mind. (gross), © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. In addition, recent results appear in the text, illustrating the fact that mathematics is a living discipline. Editorial Board. Discrete Mathematics provides a common forum for significant research in many areas of discrete mathematics and combinatorics. Notable survey articles include … The book is written in a reader-friendly style and there are enough exercises. Page: 637.'ll find more products in the shopping cart. (Web of Science, as of December 18, 2019), © Springer Japan KK, part of Springer Nature, Not logged in … Each chapter concludes with extensive notes on further reading.” (Brian Hopkins, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2010 b), “Combinatorics and Graph Theory is a popular pair of topics to choose for an undergraduate course. Brian Alspach, University of Newcastle, Australia; The book is comprehensive without being overwhelming, the proofs are elegant, clear and short, and the examples are well picked. editorial. Mateja Sanja, University of Ottawa, Canada; Please do let us know if you need additional time. In addition to original research papers, the journal also publishes one major survey article each year. Download citations Download PDFs. • Expanded coverage of stable marriage problems, and new sections on marriage problems for infinite sets, both countable and uncountable. Each of the three chapters concludes with several paragraphs describing an excellent selection of more advanced texts or papers to consider for further study", “Any undergraduate work in combinatorics or graph theory, whether a course or independent study, would likely be well served by this textbook … . being 4.5 by 7.125 inches (11.4 by 18.1 cm). It seems that you're in USA. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Requests for subscriptions should be sent to the publisher. 1-1. - Spherical 2-Designs as Stationary Points of Many-Body Systems, Embeddings of a Graph into a Surface with Different Weak Chromatic Numbers, Anti-Ramsey Problems in Complete Bipartite Graphs for, Top-5 Most Cited articles published 2010 – 2019, Top-10 Most Cited articles published 2001 - 2010, Ronald J. Gould, Advances on the Hamiltonian Problem – A Survey (2003), Bert Randerath and Ingo Schiermeyer, Vertex Colouring and Forbidden Subgraphs – A Survey (2004), Xueliang Li, Yongtang Shi, Yuefang Sun, Rainbow Connections of Graphs: A Survey (2013), Ronald J. Gould, Recent Advances on the Hamiltonian Problem: Survey III (2014), Immediate online access with complete access to all articles, Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, Japanese Science and Technology Agency (JST), ProQuest Advanced Technologies & Aerospace Database, ProQuest Computer and Information Systems Abstracts, ProQuest Materials Science and Engineering Database, ProQuest Mechanical and Transportation Engineering Abstracts, Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch).

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