future direction of facilities management

THE FUTURE OF FACILITIES MANAGEMENT, Looking over the horizon. Advances in mobile devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and smart building technologies have created new ways of working and managing end-to-end platform FM processes and workspaces. With that maturity, greater returns on initial investments can be realized for both parties.”, -Matthew Farrant, Managing Director for Critical Environments. How and where work is performed, and even the nature of employment itself, are being transformed. Even something as simple as a printer that orders its own toner ink refills can make an office more productive and less frustrating. James McDonald is a sports enthusiast, brother in Christ and once swam in a tank with the infamous TV sharks. Published by International Facility Management Association . They will need to consider how these elements can be best utilized to bring the greatest value to the workplace. “How we work today is far more efficient and transparent than it was before. Whether an organization is redesigning its current workplace or moving to a new facility, involving the FM team in the preplanning stages will allow them to demonstrate how and where workplace investments are paying off in terms of productivity. All Articles. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(167521, '917450b7-cc3a-4a4f-8c31-044d19153a3e', {}); Nearly every aspect of facilities management is shifting to have a greater focus on connecting the people who work in the industry and those who are impacted by it. New IoT technologies — including intelligent lighting systems — have created access to vast amounts of real-time data. As the future of work takes shape, the future of FM continues to emerge. What will the future of AI in facilities management hold? Time Warner drew upon JLL to share best practices in change management and help the FM team communicate a strong business case. It is hoped that this review and the future directions highlighted in this paper will assist researchers in identifying the areas where further research efforts are most required and in identifying which future directions would be most helpful for digital FM research. Traditionally, FM implementation followed the construction or renovation of a facility. Time Warner partnered with JLL to transition its disparate and, in some cases, paper-based work-order processes to Corrigo, a cloud-based FM technology platform. The sales of professional cleaning robots have steadily increased since 2015. Implementing change in the rapidly evolving and complex Time Warner organization required no small amount of business savvy. TIME HORIZONS 0 –5 Years Current 5 –10 Years Near term 10 –15 Years Over the horizon. However, it’s not enough to add technology on top of workflows that don’t support the new demands of FM roles. All these changes present new challenges for the FM profession. Maureen Ehrenberg, FRICS, CRE, is President of Global Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) at JLL and is a for mer Chair of IFMA’s Global Board of Directors. If an organization wants to deliver on workplace expectations, FM should be front and center from the start of a new facility project or even improving upon the customer experience of current move-add-change processes. Service providers and clients alike will need to give more attention to wellness issues . FUTURE DIRECTIONS OF FACILITIES MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY. Some apps enable you to locate a colleague, provide a security credential or request a workplace service or repair. To help facilities professionals better understand how the world of work and commercial real estate are transforming, CBRE published its second Top Trends in Facilities Management report in Q3 2018. Integrate FM into facility design and workplace strategy. Instead, companies are choosing outsourcing in order to give in-house facilities teams the opportunity to focus more on strategic initiatives and enhancing the user experience.

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