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Appendix 4: Example of Contract Management Plan Templates 26. iv TABLES A3. 5.1 Status Reporting 2. 7.2 Transition to Support 3. Contract Except when used with defined terms such as Contract Manager and ontract Management Plan, the term “ ontract” is throughout this guidance written as “contract.” Given the Common abbreviations and defined terms . Communication Plan 1. }¶­"5CtÂ]dêÚ�Ãû}„ıµ,¯€†¶“ò¨(”Xå Vl09P]+ħ»JQ>oè¯òèïK–e‘88Ñs"9e¸ûà±ÁÚ†µâ¨ë¯,ãœ[Ô`Ã^»®;ñŸ5»ˆï‰�(”—s¶¸hı7ß;jD,³�¾¦ xéµ#CÒ2^Ì{Ç|‹Ï ø1ÎuÒgõ!°~ãpìÃ.bO02ÂQ»{6ƒB[¡U!»¹Õš×~Ù¼�ÃòÖƒí£˜¼çKï�ŒÛãV¡ˆTG0�#‡!eE”Ö6*¨�‚‘�•ó×€Ì[õ!D ŸÕ�ùŸË�7ØÙwdDçÃ�2Ÿp�¢÷4ºÅ]­Ã1±{&oeÓ­RZªc´ıÌÜ@™ÿÀeNé‡>¼e³˜˜íXá{5F¸ÏËA\ˆÕ>Â�Wéj9^Lf} jyGÊ)§ğTcäÙ’ñQ�#âòEk7.ËÇ)õWbs¹±×Y�çeÄı=¥«¥6ûm9µÕ�X?ó+ª¢:4aPêaëä�~ çÑ\O¬³¨�[yu. 5.5 Senior Management Review 2. The plan describes how the agency and the supplier will work together over the life of the contract to ensure timely delivery of goods and services meeting the requirements specified in the contract. Benefits of Good Contract Management 3 3. The contract management will consists of This purpose of the contract management plan is to document the key activities and tasks required to manage this contract to ensure that the objectives of the contract are achieved. Example of a Contractor Performance Management System 23 A4.1. This section should address the purpose of the Contract Management Plan as it directly relates to the project or program. Change Management 3. Its essential elements include: • The agreed partnership approach to Contract Management. • The Contract Management Plan. The Contract Management plan must be prepared by the Contracting Authority and agreed by contract signing. Product Acceptance and Transition 3. 7. • Key challenges and tasks of the PPP Contract Management. • Ensuring service delivery management. … 4. Developing a contract management plan during pre-contract award stages, it is normal for time to be devoted to the preparation of the business case, drafting sp ecifications and tender 5. Example of Key Contacts List 26 A4.2. The Borrower’s Contract Management Process 4 4. • PPP agreement administration. 5.2 Metrics 2. The purpose should include the value or benefits, intended audience, and the uses of the CMP. Guiding Principle: The Contract Management Plan is essential for effective management of DOE’s most complex contracts. 5.3 Risk Management 2. 5.4 Commitment and Issue Tracking 2. Specifically, the Contract Management Plan (CMP) framework should assist contract and project managers in improving contract oversight and strengthening performance accountability. See pages 2 and 10 of the Guide for Contract Management Planning for the general purpose and uses of the CMP to ensure successful contract performance. contract management 26 1. justice and community safety directorate contract management 26 2. contract management life cycle 26 3. contract management plan 27 4. other administrative considerations 31 5. other financial considerations 34 6. justice and community safety directorate staff roles and responsibilities 34 7. Contract Management within the ADB Procurement Cycle 2 2. 6. 7.1 Product Acceptance 3. Contract Management Plan For Consultant and Non-Prime Contracts – V1.0 October 2014 Page 7 1. Abbreviation / term Full terminology / definition multiplicity of times that this term appears in this guidance, this approach improves readability. Example of Communication Procedures 27 FIGURES 1. Overview 1.1 Purpose The purpose of this Contract Management Plan (CMP) is to define the processes, procedures, activities, roles, and tools for the management of non-prime contracts. Project Tracking and Oversight 2.

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