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1952-1972 / v. 3. In , Borges shared the International Publishers’ Prize with Samuel Beckett. h�t��n�0Deo�C�1vZE��p�!R��^p-x�q���R���9��yU��%�������F�կI�4�)�E�A��?���q���nl‚ 4k�� ��皺��W�W�:�]�]���.��1��ͷ|�������B��\�Q���΃��諅�n�xa�J����:#����ˇ��{�"������l��t��@~��c���c�u�x�.�|I> ��[$�$�A��G�$�$� �z bI��x#TFjE�J?��ɱu��c�]�0圳L�������gc���QwN�.��Q.ó�z� �u����;\�.��� mQ,H��&���կ|��W-���t�1^ �-U Jorge Luis Borges was born in Buenos Aires in and was educated in Europe. ��f�6�(���L�[��S>�����B:�?���di� �1b��� 0 ��L� endstream endobj 306 0 obj <>stream h�|��n�0Deo��1&��HQ��)Rz�8�ld����s;�73�,������O��08[�`��C+ڲ⊷ReTm�6�/�|r�\c��z�� L9�R�����ջ�՚?���ۭ�U{���� �i������p�T�������M1��O�WR� h�244S0P���w�/�+Q����L)�642 �)�I3�1��� �̋��,H�HLO-��0 ��� endstream endobj 313 0 obj <>stream %PDF-1.6 %���� h�t�A n���������Z��Q�9�o��ꭒ3���f�9 h�|����0E������j����,LL���@EhI���6q=s���{� h�ĖMo�0�����Ŗ(RC�C��a���0��,5�H$����ѱe�:�$@3E�!�R�(�he�WFy stream x��]K��q�ϯ赁�II������Ӌ��E��� ^�7��ߧ��4�W�T����ӫy�珿�L/����j������?���x�[�2��������cY_�o��_~��/�����|�����d�}z�ܱٷi>��mZ��Mk�����~)ߦ�7�~?���c�ߦ籝�~~.�~����W���+��5�ض��]��}NzczB��y���|:���~��͸8�2B�������t�I��w�5�����'[�wB����{ �˜�?�>��&}2��,�� �8�� �s�L�+��������Lv�v�nݗ�o��}1�_�ޯ�j7l��5q/a����Ê� ����R�L���,����)���Ô�~^���3���p�mkyMɉ�!C8U×��]�����ua('�6H�1� E��0.��?���go�v��k$�k��|��}���ɚ��y3�a2 �8�]������a��mt�)]i���IMJz�i���� Obras completas de Jorge Luis Borges_ volume 1 / Jorge Luis Borges. One of the major writers of our time, he has published many collections of poems, essays, and short stories. h�|�]K�0��^�Us�q���:�:���(��M�N�ߛ����UN�4O^rXC� � �԰d��!��eH+`-�1�ʅ5�aMB{�`�B��{�2����0X��e2)��}W��㩍����oc�]������s����4��_����K���[�z�=V� ����D�n�����r�}�J*��;��MQ�gV��0�o�U�tX.LH�3Iä,i~%I�Q�&�Ι���.g�1�S�D�Y�{��*Iɣ�JD���2'&�CRO�˒�Jz?,��%GCr� �)a endstream endobj 314 0 obj <>stream Jorge Luis Borges Translated by Andrew Hurley ALLEN LANE THE PENGUIN PRESS Published by the Penguin Group. h�|��n�0Deo�C�]�ڴ�"E��C�H�=2�Z��q���R������M�Y�Q+�X��J�mIo�6�/�Cv�|c��ߘL�r�s2���w� K����췃���O�\��.�W���.�(W���B3�{��[}M�W#�ۋRz�WLWR��R)�$F�*�E���G� ��L� endstream endobj 312 0 obj <>stream ,J304�N�p�J�S�ʀT�A0�j@�F(�P%(�(�a�`0�4�I�a� %äüöß 1975-1985 / v. 4. 114 JORGE LUIS BORGES penultimate page contains the phrase 0 Time thy pyramids. <> Vários tradutores. – São Paulo : Globo, 1999. %PDF-1.4 QR�(F���y���G� ��L� endstream endobj 307 0 obj <>stream 0 ��L� endstream endobj 310 0 obj <>stream ��R�Q@3�3z��=+L&i�4"�I�����Uq:�� ;^m�«�^D���J��e+m|~�5]��9��_�̯�&��� �V�������D��9����� x��;N���͚&s���|���Sdޅvu�����2�΁�'�?ωi@�ձ_�Қ�]�J���mb�H4d�ɠ���oA\�`8(#�}]�A�=���p�r����r��9 �C�+z`.۫��������LhT�a�zo=����[��"�aJ��Q�"�1��SgL��aL�,�����Q���^�q.�Ǟ�Kҽ���K�x]� w=v���0�� >i��ȏ�Е��䴯'����t�W��D8q`�H����[�W4ՀjX]A�Ɠ�U�X���'��gv����:�2N�d����ov�#p ���� K[���|v���Eۖ\a2K��qh��&0۳ �AL��c��S��H�rEؒ�L��^��$�*��2Oպ���m�a��g*d�Y�Ie`�lN������3�{��+��d����:����W�>��> �x(���3��W|}�%t#E�^@����Q�Ɂ. Contents A UNIVERSAL HISTORY OF INIQUITY (1935) Preface to the First Edition Preface to the 1954 Edition The Cruel Redeemer … 70 libros gratis en PDF sobre Jorge Luis Borges Compartimos una invaluable colección gratuita de 70 libros, ensayos, y publicaciones digitales en PDF inspiradas en lo mejor de la literatura borgeana. 2 0 obj 1923-1949 / v. 2. ҹ8s�W���/��G������N�W�$���o��8�v�;\��Xm7� ��x���������q� �}��7IM׽ A�6� endstream endobj 316 0 obj <>stream This much is known: For every rational line or forthright statement there are leagues of senseless cacophony, verbal nonsense, and incoherency. h�Ԕ�j�@�_��4��d���KP_`L�"h�L'��}ob5P���,��ޜ9s>�h The Book of Sand (translated from the Spanish) by Jorge Luis Borges …thy rope of sands… George Herbert (1593-1623)1 Lines consist of an infinite number of points; planes an infinite number of lines; volumes an infinite number of planes, hypervolumes an infinite number of volumes… No, this, this more �@@ѫd��P�d���QCG�H��E��������-� �1.8��5d���t6j�xbJ�ŻHWJ��ҔJ�$���Jq��o ��L� endstream endobj 308 0 obj <>stream Título original: Obras completas Jorge Luis Borges. by Jorge Luis Borges O God! QD1ʊR���8�o ��L� endstream endobj 309 0 obj <>stream 0GsZ���R0G��s� 0G�(��`��Q6J�2}�9#�F� �� st�9��� s`�N0g���� ��s� 0G�(�����+�G,l�!ܞ�P�!-��( ��zu(���GIT�z�D����wn��w~�Ө�rT��H��):��ެ�4�3M�؄r�o��1@9(�&�3�l. V. 1. h�|����0E�턅�=�-N����,LL���@Ef�����o�z���{6[@ؔ@���N�5�gW�`��+GRX�"M��k�+�U���'��k��smf��Jʼn��������7�=��‘�b�e�'��.�|�˥����CA!��'Rך���o�Z�����J�m��B��)} � h�t��n�0Deo��q���"E��C�H�2�Z��q���R���9��y,4�P����O��8xW�h��U+ڲb�[�R��m�ʇ����± �1�J.Y�x��_}�ۿ�=Z�� �M��p�n�aI2p}1��p��l��E���z�q5o~��rE�).4��5����t6r�xRJ��ӕ��J�JJ�Ĩ��d]�iο ]�M, endstream endobj 305 0 obj <>stream G����õD�X����K�a� &�SM�%L��a��9�dMqˏ/��5,�,0�! ����)����*��^����f���f[m���{�i�|m����Y�E��||^y_,�Gv�پ��>?l�O��#�~�~m�̓��c>S&���9?�k(�ϋm�獋 H�������AO��ߖ���vU��s�;k6��N7� F�0�%�y9�d�7�Zl�����ϋ�,�+_�|��-]/�_�*WM�����G���^֥����M�T���D�n�n�1F��Y��6{�lS��˝2j_�;��Չ��=ƃ��T�K�?�. h�|����0E�턅���4���ƅ������BKJ�ߟ&�ֻ>�ޓ3�,3�����5��:��)���%\ Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899-1986. �E��H�ӽ%��!��ge"�W�o C` endstream endobj 315 0 obj <>stream 10 Libros gratis en PDF de Jorge Luis Borges para descargar h�|����0E�턅�=h^qbL�l\������-)��Z���{ 0qۭ8x�C�l��I����$&E�,רV����r>ٷ�6�o��u Œ2�T�\����}5�� G�88�?G8�n��t�K�I7� n~��R�E{qwCA!��'�{M�ɿ��]���ƘΊ��WRn�\R�Q Y�,�S�'� ��L� endstream endobj 311 0 obj <>stream 1975-1988 ISBN 85-25O-2877-O (v. 1) / ISBN 85-25O-2878-9 (v. 2) ISBN 85-25O-2879-7 (v. �X�����zg+LR� ��bE���)�Ckk ���Zy`J8a�ٶ��g�W�?�iT���5�vs�����ֽ���Ϫ鍷��� (I know of one semibarbarous … 304 0 obj <>stream I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a King of infinite space... Hamlet, II, 2 But they will teach us that Eternity is the Standing still of the Present Time, a Nunc-stans (as the schools call it); which neither they, nor any else understand, no more than they would a … �)c��e��l�

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