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To ensure quality, it emulated McDonald's. The principles in this book have changed the way I think about fitness and working out. As a health care practitioner I understand the importance of resistance training. Eye opener.Great book in the area of fitness and health.Must read for all. I personally have searched high in low for a lot of information that is present in this book and ending mostly looking at studies and trials on exercise. I enjoyed reading it, and found quite some useful information. This is about as well researched as it gets. Not against "'cardio' exercises" as some think, rather the authors explain (very well, and repeatedly) that taking each rep to its extreme forces one to use deeper, fast twitch muscle fibers which is in turn much more productive to your cardiovascular system. The authors believe they have developed the maximally efficient workout regimen for the average individual in a 10-minute workout once per week. ", which sounded great, but in reality for someone with no current strength is actually not all that impressive). In other words, the genetic cream rises to the top through the selective pressure of competition. December 11th 2008 Recommended to people with open mind for weight lifting and recovery. Machine circuit is preferable to free weights because bodybuilding magazines are controlled by Big Free Weights conglomerates. This guy, Dr. Doug McGuff, at least from a layman's perspective, has his ducks in a row. Highly recommend! Refresh and try again. Truflexen For Body Building! Excellent food for thought if you are already well-immersed in the field. This book turns just about everything I ever knew about exercise (and much about health and fitness) completely on it's head. This page works best with JavaScript. They are more bodybuilding focused but agree on the primary points with a slightly different focus on maximum gains vs most efficient gains. Nassim Nicholas Taleb Book Recommendations, 100 non-fiction books in 2017 : Rahul Edition. Don't guess when it comes to something as important as your nutrition. This is one hefty book on information going off of real world results and science based studies. I have endured many injuries along the way, including going under the knife and taking a two year hiatus due to a severe right shoulder injury. Authors quickly gloss over the evidence that free weights contribute to more comprehensive muscular development and consequently require fewer exercises. The book starts with their definitions of three main words: There is more high-quality scientific knowledge about the body available today than ever before, but it lives in many different fields and is often inaccessible without rigorous scientific training. The exercises involve slow repetitions to the point of muscular failure, and then holding the weight against resistance for about ten seconds, even after further full repetitions are impossible. Second being recovery, without recovery you put your body into a higher stress state as well as creating a larger inroad(muscle damage) than the body can repair. The book didn't stop th. This is a very interesting book about an approach to strength training. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published If you are short of time but want to maintain good muscle mass into your later years without injury, then this will show you how. Doug McGuff is an emergency physician motivated in large part by seeing the end consequences of our collective poor health in. See all details for Body by Science: A Research Based Program for Strength Training, Body... © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. It's kind of insane how much misinformation there is out there on healthy research programs, but here it is, the end all be all. Nutrition and Supplement Plan Science-based recommendations. Highly recommend this book. The workouts, if done correctly, are hard, but because there is so little impact, the recovery is also very swift. It is a book that gets technical yet, you don't need to understand the details on the first read, you only need to get the intuition, once you have the intuition you will understand why this is somethi. Well written and thoroughly researched. Science Care reaps $27 million in yearly sales by recruiting body donors through hospices, clergy and online ads. I followed the book's recommendations and I saw improvement in both strength and muscle tone in one week. It's important to remember that building muscle and getting into shape will take months, not weeks, and sometimes less truly is more. This systematic review synthesizes and critically appraises measurement properties of influential body image measures. They also quote large improvements from new recruits (I don't have the book to hand, but it was in the order of "50% improvement over 12 weeks! Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Start your review of The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body Write a review Jan 11, 2014 Crystal Beaman rated it did not like it Body by Science is subtitled “A research-based program for strength training, body-building and complete fitness in 12 minutes a week.” The authors cite empirical studies relating workout regimens and formulate a specific routine to most efficiently build muscle while burning f Five Stars out of Five. Train 6-9-12 minutes a week (in a gym). The authors believe they have developed the maximally efficient workout regimen for the average individual in a 10-minute workout once per week. Loses a star because while most of it seems to be backed up by pretty decent science (I'm basing this judgment on descriptions of studies, not on looking up the studies myself, because I'm far too lazy), it has some unsupported claims sprinkled in. BY FAR the best single book for getting on the right path toward exercise. Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2016. I've also recommended this book to a lot of my patients. This is a primer on exercise physiology. Lifting moderate weights at lively tempo and quitting when you get a little uncomfortable? This is all the science you need to know swim through the bullshit. Part 1 of this review will concentrate on my overall impression(s) of Body by Science, by Dr. Doug McGuff and John Little. It also tracks with my own training experience. The book slowly tries to get rid of common popular illusions around what it is that makes us healthy. In the process of their research, they discovered that there weren't a lot of defined operational terms in the health industry to measure anything by to even begin creating a database of this information. Bryson’s The Body is a directory of such wonders, a tour of the minuscule; it aims to do for the human body what his A Short History of Nearly Everything did for science. Who Wants to Live Forever? I have been doing Spinning HIIT training for years until I had a baby and got out of shape. I'm so happy I found this book :), Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2018. This speaks to the fact that it isn’t the activity of swimming, per se, that produces this “type” of body; rather, a particular body type has emerged that is best suited for swimming. It's possible that with enough qualifications it would not contradict other books and studies, but they don't tend to give those qualifications. are the result of misapplied observations and of assumed cause-and-effect relationships that are actually inverted: it wasn't the activity that produced the body type; it was the body type that did well in that activity. I’ve completed my initial “quick read” of the work, and have thus far thoroughly enjoyed the book. Wrong. I am glad I came across this book. Competition, it can be said, is simply accelerated evolution. A word of warning though - although the exercise sessions are short and infrequent, you will need to have quite a bit of mental tenacity to make this regime work. There is one. by McGraw-Hill. This book is changing my life....Seriously, Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2018. Good for females, males, athletes, seniors alike. While short and hard "to-failure" workouts seem fine according to the theory, I'm doubtful that I could build up the overall strength that a system like Starting Strength has given me. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in.

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