basil leaves meaning in telugu

Basil Leaves meaning and translation in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marati, Oriya and Punjabi | January 18, 2018 December 30, 2019 amitandu biswas. You can read more here: What is the difference between basil and tulsi? Human translations with examples: మెంథా, అగతి ఆకులు, సోయా ఆకులు, కాలే ఆకులు, తులసి ఆకులు, టెండూ ఆకులు. pesto in Telugu translation and definition "pesto", English-Telugu Dictionary online add translation add translation; pesto . If you are asking about Basil that is used in Italian food, that is Italian Basil. IPA: ... contains crushed basil leaves and garlic and pine nuts and Parmesan cheese in olive oil. Last updated: 30th December, 2019 . The Indian Basil is Tulsi. Tulasi vittanaluOther different names for the Basil seeds:sabza, subza, takmaria, tukmaria, falooda, selasih What is yam called in Telugu? Be careful. Found 8 sentences matching phrase "basil".Found in 4 ms. We don't have straight translations, but we think one of translations given below may be right. Holy Basil जिसे हिन्दी में तुलसी कहा जाता है| यह एक औषधीय पौधा है basil translation in English-Telugu dictionary. Contextual translation of "basil in telugu" into Telugu. What do you mean basil seed in Telugu? BLOG – Telugu; News; ABOUT US; Top 12 Benefits of Basil in Hindi – जानिए तुलसी के अनेकों अनेक फायदे! Less reliable translations . Human translations with examples: krisopa, manjistha, తెలుగులో grap, తెలుగులో మగజ్, ఎలువు తెలుగులో. Contextual translation of "parsley leaves" into Telugu. Showing page 1. Aromatic medicinal plants are primarily cultivated for the edible leaves, stems, barks, flowers or fruit components and they are essential flavoring and/or ayurvedic agents mainly used in South Asian countries. more .

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