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The tea also consists of about 0.4 grams of protein per 100 grams. Tk, plenty of... Post Graduation Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition, Fellowship In Obesity Management. Pre-wedding dietary tips. However, experts advise that hibiscus tea should not be used as a substitute for exercise and healthy eating, because unless all three are combined, you will not experience significant weight loss. As discussed earlier, hibiscus tea can help women in relieving stress and depression that occur as a result of menstrual pains. Available from. When it is used with antiviral substance, it will bring additive effect. Please keep it in mind; yet, those are at the research level. Also, drinking this flower may increase mucus issues if you already have. Even though hibiscus tea can be used to prevent cancer, it cannot be used by people who have already been diagnosed of suffering the illness because there is no certain evidence shows that hibiscus tea can eliminate cancer cells once they have formed. But Hibiscus sabdariffa the most commonly used species which uses to prepare hibiscus tea. Also, this tea and juice help to hold the stomach in good condition. The Potential Side Effects of Hibiscus Tea. Your article and new folder have been saved! Since hibiscus tea is potential to reduce the level of estrogen, it gives direct effect to women’s reproductive ability. Smoothing our skin and reducing wrinkles. Thanks to its diuretic properties this Hibiscus tea also makes for a wonderful treatment for constipation. Vitamins and minerals like flavonoids that are present in Hibiscus act as highly effective anti-depressants. If you are scheduled to have surgery, stop drinking it a minimum of two weeks beforehand. Otherwise, enjoy this pink-red tea in moderation to avoid any unwanted side effects. So, you must consult your dietitian before indulging in the pleasure of the hibiscus tea. Hibiscus tea is generally quite safe to drink. A 2011 study found that after 30 days of drinking hibiscus tea, participants experienced a significant increase in good cholesterol which is also referred to as HDL. Hawaiian women wear the hibiscus flower, they tuck one behind their ear, and depending on the ear that the flower is tucked behind will let potential suitors know that they are available for marriage. In addition to that, regular consumption of this tea can also help you fight off depression in general. If you desire for a stronger or a deeper taste, steep the hibiscus for longer than five minutes. Add ice and garnish with mint leaves, lime, and cinnamon. Roselle is also found to be rich in several other vitamins and minerals, offering percentage daily value of 5% for Vitamin-A, 30% for Vitamin-C and 47% for Iron, among others. 100 grams of hibiscus tea contains 0.7 grams of total fat, out of which just 0.3 grams are saturated fat, the rest being polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. 2005 May;19(5):369-75. If you have mucus issues, please do not use this. After that heat that mixture a few minutes from sunlight. Side-Effects of Hibiscus Tea. After all, hibiscus is recognized as safe, and it's usually not associated with serious side effects. The important content of hibiscus tea are: Vitamin C in hibiscus tea is 20 times higher than that in orange, tomato, or chili. However, the reaction depends on the patients illness. Hibiscus tea, made from dried parts of the hibiscus plant, is deep red in color. Researchers haven't studied this reported side effect or why people claim they are experiencing these symptoms. Some people experience sleepiness and may feel as if they are intoxicated after consuming hibiscus tea. Is the popular herbal beverage a hallucinogen in disguise? When we no longer feel the effect, we can continue drinking it with a normal dosage. A cup of hibiscus tea is sufficient for keeping our immunity strong and burn the fat unless we suffer from acute flue. These side effects are uncommon and haven't been thoroughly researched. Resolving cough, mouth ulcer and sore throat. Serve with a garnish of a lemon wedge, mint leaves, and cinnamon. People who are suffering from high blood pressure should drink three cups of hibiscus tea every day for 2-6 weeks. Along with the rich Vitamin C content present in hibiscus tea, its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties also help you avoid ailments like common cold and flu. A study conducted in Pakistan discovered that when the flower was soaked in warm water and then applied to the hair it assisted in improving the health of the scalp. In fact, the herb has been used to treat high blood pressure for thousands of years. Hibiscus powder is found to be a rich source of protocatechuic acid, which has anti-oxidant as well as anti-tumor properties. Every woman out there wants to have long and shiny hair which will radiate a magnificent look to her overall appearance. For women who plan to have children are advised not to drink hibiscus tea because its quality to lower estrogen may lead to complications. Even though there are various modern and advanced ways of treating your hair to make them shiny and strong, there is one way b... PhD (Pharmacology) Pursuing, M.Pharma (Pharmacology), B.Pharma - Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care, B.Sc (Home Science), Post Graduation Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition. Want your passion for wellness to change the world? This tea reduces stomach pain during the menstrual period and helps for a proper menstrual period. When excess salt is removed from the body, it reduces blood pressure. The nitric oxide then relaxes blood vessels, which decreases blood pressure. Drink a cup of hibiscus tea everyday. Home » Food & Bevarages » Beverages » Tea » 11 Side Effect of Hibiscus Tea (No.6 Must Aware). Diabetes: There is a chance that hibiscus has the ability to reduce blood sugar levels. Low blood pressure patients are strongly suggested not to drink hibiscus tea. Keep in mind that you do not drink hibiscus flower tea or drink if you are pregnant. People can use part of the hibiscus plant to make an herbal tea that tastes sweet and tart, and which may offer some health benefits. There are no known side effects associated with drinking hibiscus tea; however, there are several warnings and special precautions: Breast-Feeding and Pregnant Women: When taken as a medicine, there is a chance that it could be unsafe for pregnant or women who are breast-feeding. It lowers the absorption of sugar and starch in the body, making sure that these elements don’t add to the weight heavily. Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) And Naturopath (ND). The performance of Chloroquine as a drug that is consumed for resolving malaria decreases when the malaria patients drink hibiscus tea. The restoration of hormonal balance also helps in reducing other effects of menstruation like depression, mood swings, overeating and more. People often go looking for extravagant methods to help with anti-aging. In Mexico, they use hibiscus to make a drink called agua de Jamaica or Jamaican water. Even though hibiscus tea is helpful to resolve various health problems, but we should be aware of side effects it brings. When the body is hydrated, it prevents constipation which assists in the digestion process. The reaction effect happens temporary. Based on a study in Tufts University by Diane Mckay showed that blood pressure of people who consume hibiscus tea in a daily basis drop 7.2 points in their systolic blood pressure. These vitamins and minerals help in calming down the nervous system, creating a relaxed sensation in the body.

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