ac odyssey linou farm

There's plenty of deer around the lake so it won't take to long to get the six you need, then return to Akatos. Choose the following in order (the order will be different if you did the last three quests in a different order, but the answers are the same); After which, the quest will end and you'll unlock; Travel to the northern coast of the White Crystal region, and speak to Megakles at the northern tip of Alponos. To the right of the chest on a lower rock is a small bag. Travel south from the ruins to a small village just north of Mycenae, on the east side of the Grove Kromyon region. Return to the farm once you have the antidote and speak to Akatos to end the quest, unlocking; Travel to the small village of Lalaia on the east side of the Valley of the Nymph and speak to Magistrate Periktione on the north-eastern side of the village. Kassandra found the famed sculptor Polykleitos in Elis calling for help. Afterwards turn back towards the house and on the south side will be three piles of grass to burn down, do so with either a flame arrow or a torch. Whichever option you choose ends the quest, but getting the fathers armor will provide the best results. Daughters of Artemis and Daughters of Aphrodite. Source Travel to the brothers house again, and once inside, interact with the body on the right, the table on the left, then talk with Lykinos in the corner. In time this devotion grew great enough that Hexione and her sisters visited the Argive sculptor Polykleitos, and commissioned from him a statue of the Eagle Bearer. If you followed this guide fully, the options you will have are; Let's get this over with.I'll pay their debts (10,000 drachmae)We can talk this out. If you choose to fight the merchant, you will be able to loot the standard armor from his body.If you choose to come back later, you can steal the fathers armor from the roof of the building next to you. Follow her out of the camp and talk to her, then return to Magistrate Periktione. Choose which ever options you want to end this quest. Travel to the southern side of the Parnes Mountains region in Attika where you will find a fairly large farm. Daughters of Artemis and Daughters of Aphrodite, Afterwards, head to the tree on the western side to pick up a stick that Arion can use as a sword, then return and give it to him. Choose either option (you'll have to fight him if you refuse his request anyway), then return to Megakles. Travel to the small island to the north of Samos and speak to the glowing woman behind the statue of Poseidon. At the top of the mountain, use Ikaros to locate Princess Hexione, then enter the cave for a cutscene. Head into the wooden structure and pull the shelves out of the way, then drop behind them and round the corner to move another couple of shelves out the way. Once you take out the first guard with his back to you, go round the corner and take out the remaining three at the altar. Chaíre misthios! Travel west to the Ruined Temple of Zeus and eliminate the bandits there. A Linou farmer seems to have discovered a new breed of very aggressive chickens. Use the wooden sides to jump onto the rope above, then turn around to locate and interact with the symbol. You can post anything directly related to Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Ancient Greece Discovery Tour. Speak to Princess Hexione again, and she'll introduce you to Chalkippe who's brother you'll need to find. Return to the commander and hand over the charm to end the quest. Go down the stairs, take either fork, and go down another couple of sets of stairs. "), (If players choose "Why did you think I was a god?"). Once they're dead, return back to Periktione. Talk to Anais, then interact with the pot of honey next to the large cart on the west side of the house, the sunken barrels on the east side of the house, and a second pot inside the house. When he asks for some advice, there's no wrong answer, but the top one gives a better ending to the quest. Description (Accept – Point me toward those thieves.). After the cutscene, fight off the pirates and talk to Barnabas. Travel to the west side of the Isle of Salamis and speak to Timotheos on the rocky outcrop, who'll eventually end up taking you on in a fist fight. After the cutscene you'll be taking part in the play. Choose to lie at least once during the 'fight'. Speak to the blacksmith outside the first house south of where Megakles is standing, then carry the three nearby blocks to the wooden step outside the house. Follow Herodotos up the nearby hill and talk to him upon arriving at the grave. After talking to him, you'll either have to track down a witch and kill her, or destroy the poisoned supply of wine. After renowned artist Polykleitos was robbed by bandits, he beseeched the gods for help. Make your way east from the village to the Heraklea Bandit Camp and use Ikaros to locate the supplies. Have you got any tips or tricks to unlock this trophy?Add a guide to share them with the community. Kassandra and Polykleitos mounted their horses and travelled to Linou Farm. Once inside, locate the five piece of ore needed (right wall as you enter, behind the pillar across the water with posts in it, behind another pillar a short way ahead, behind the large pillar in the last room, and on top of the other rocky outcrop in the same room). Continue to follow Polyphemos and talk to him when you arrive at the beach. This guide will tell you How To Get More Olive Wood In Assassin's Creed Odyssey as this surprisingly common ingredient can be tough to find in large quantities, unless you combine these few basic tricks. Note that you will need to have installed at least update 1.11 for this quest to appear, as well as have reached Chapter 5 of the main quest. Interact with a small rocky outcrop on the north side, a basket on the large rocks nearby, the blood near the peak of the hill, and the goat body on the peak.

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